“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.” –Nelson Mandela

A new resource that we have implemented in the last school-year is a Career Planner for Politics Majors. Or as we call it, “My Plan”.

The following is an overview of this brochure produced by the Department of Politics and the Career Center:

First, this resource asks students to Assess their strengths, interests, and values. As students reflect on these elements, they will become aware of the many options before them.

“My Plan” then asks each student to Explore and Engage within their interests and studies. Instead of just learning passively, students are encouraged to actively engage with their studies and seek new opportunities. Students are then led to discover practical knowledge of their interests through Experience. These Real-world opportunities will give each student new skills and proficiencies to aid them in their future.

Finally, “My Plan” asks each student to Transition and begin to synthesize their interests, studies, and experiences into a course of action.  This last piece helps students set goals and think creatively.

We encourage all of our students to read it and use it often. If any of our readers are considering majoring in politics or are just curious to see how this applies to other careers (it does) then we welcome you to read the full resource here. At the Department, we want each of our students to combine all they have learned and transition into post-graduate work that is meaningful for them. Their newly gained skills and knowledge will be a guide to making wise decisions and hopefully help their head and their heart work together.