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Studying Abroad. The experience is different for everyone. Engaging one’s studies in a new environment brings lots of insights and challenges. Messiah College’s Nationally ranked Study Abroad program provides many opportunities for our students to explore areas of political studies that interest them. Whether through international programs like the one in China at Xiamen University or in state-side programs like the American Studies Program, students will find many classes for the politics major in areas of economic development, international affairs, or public policy.

Many of these semester-long programs offer the possibility of an internship. Students can take classes while interning in their host country, splitting their time between academics and its real-world application. Both studying and working abroad are growing experiences and what better way to learn more in this post than through our student perspectives video.

In a continuation of our “Get to Know Us” video series, here is the full length video of “Internships & Study Abroad.” Two politics students, senior Josephine Bellon and junior Joshua Beers, took a break from their work this October to tell us their stories of study abroad and internship work from the Spring semester. Hear them share about what they learned, how their politics classes have helped them, and what advice they give to other students considering studying abroad or applying for an internship.

Thank you Josephine and Josh!