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It’s the end of the semester! Finals are pretty much completed, faculty have exams to grade, students have packing to do, and we all have Christmas break to look forward to. We hope you enjoyed out first semester of this blog. The following are the guest writers who wrote for the blog. . .

Alejandro Garcia Davalos is a junior. He will be returning to his home country, Bolivia, in January. He will return for the spring to take some more politics courses and participate in an internship. He co-wrote “An Inside Scoop” with Jean Cho.

Jean Cho,  a member of the Messiah swim team, will be finishing up the swimming season in the Spring and I will be continuing her internship as Representative Stephen Bloom’s Legislative intern.

Nicholas Kratz is a senior who contributed his op-ed on the Frances Fox Piven event in October. In the Spring, Nick will be a full-time intern with the House of Representatives in Harrisburg. He will be working as a staff member on a committee of the House drafting legislation.

Solveig Parsons wrote our Studying Abroad reflection and is in her third year of studying Politics and French at Messiah. She plans on returning to Strasbourg in the Spring to continue working on her French (and eating baguettes).

Ben Hemphill is a Sophomore Politics major, Secretary of the MC Republicans, and a member of Student Government Forum. He will be pursing an internship with the Republican Party of Pennsylvania in the Spring. He wrote the response to the debate between Jim Wallis and Arthur Brooks.

As one of the Department work study students, Havilah Mendez has overseen the blog this semester and written the following posts:  A Window into the Classroom Experience, Our Students on Internships & Studying Abroad, American Government, and “Where Do I Go From Here?” She will be studying at the American Studies Program in Washington D.C. in the Spring to finish up her junior year.

Dr. Robin Lauermann, is chair of the Department of Politics and Assistant Dean of General Education and Common Learning. She wrote the post “A Republic or a Democracy?”

We also want to thank Josephine Bellon, Joshua Beers for appearing in our Student Video. A special thanks to Film major, Matthew Elton for filming the video. Thanks to Professors Paul Rego and John Harles for their contributions to the core curriculum posts.