Hope everyone’s spring semester is off to a good start!

Here are some news websites recommended by two Department of Politics Faculty for staying informed about political happenings and current events during the weeks to come:

***See the comment below for free access to periodicals through Murray Library.

A British-owned news venue, this website offers not only the essential news on its primary site but also encompasses related sites on special interests such as the popular and well-respected Guardian Sport . Articles and comments are free but the latter requires registration.

Le Monde Diplomatique
Made popular by diplomats looking to be informed of current events, the English web version of this French-based newspaper offers a sampling of free articles each month although access to the entire site requires subscription. Le Monde diplomatique is known for its “authoritative journalism” and critical analysis of political events and current affairs.

Slate magazine’s main subjects are politics, business, technology and the arts. This free news site’s articles are known for their brevity and strong points of view, although some longer, more in-depth articles are available.

The New York Times
This popular news site has sections on any news topic you could wish to explore, but has an especially strong emphasis on political news in both the US and throughout the world. Also be sure to check out the more in-depth pieces in the NY Times Magazine. Unfortunately frequent users only receive 20 free articles a month. Use them wisely.

The Huffington Post
This website features an almost overwhelming amount of content from pop culture articles to blogs on subjects like green living, women’s interest and food. Political and business articles and editorials are also featured. All content is free.

Real Clear Politics
This site combines polling data and current affairs to create a news organization heavy on politics and business articles. All content is free and features original content as well as columns and articles from top syndicated journalists.

The New Republic
Focused on political and art-related content this newspaper offers free access to the most recent articles but subscription is required for archive access. The New Republic also features a strong array of columnists.

WORLD Magazine
This magazine is unique in its mission as a Christian news magazine. With the tagline, “World tries to be salt, not sugar” this magazine provides readers with Christian perspectives on all aspects of the news. Subscription is required for full access.

Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy, the magazine, was founded in 1970 by Samuel Huntington and Warren Demian Manshel to analyze the most significant international trends and current events. FP the website continues this mission and draws especially on the strength of its columnists and blogging staff who cover topics like behind-the-scenes foreign policy in the White House, military matters and Middle East affairs.

Foreign Affairs
This publication refers to itself as the “bible of foreign policy thinking.” Published by a non-profit, nonpartisan organization, Foreign Affairs focuses on stories related to US foreign policy and international affairs. Subscription is required for premium access but non-subscribers can still access a wealth of featured content. Also be sure to check out the department, “Think Again,” which features articles debunking conventional wisdom of foreign affairs.

The Globe and Mail
If you’re looking for an alternative to American-based news organizations, look no further than the Globe and Mail, a Canadian-based newspaper and website featuring national (Canadian) and international news. The website provides stories on all areas of interest from business and sports to arts and technology.

BBC News
The most popular news site in the UK, BBC News online contains national and international stories regarding sports, politics, music and health. The site’s greatest selling point is the amount of video and audio from BBC broadcasts which are also attached to many of its news stories.

National Interest
As the online counterpart to an American international affairs magazine, the National Interest features news stories focused more on international news in general than stories explicitly related to US foreign policy. Readers are able to search the site based on topic (security, society, global governance, etc.) or region (Africa, Americas, Asia, etc.).

The American Interest
Explicitly related to analyzing America and its place in the world, this news site covers both domestic and international topics. Francis Fukuyama is a featured blogger for the site. Subscription is required for full access.

National Affairs
The online version of National Affairs magazine features essays related to domestic policy, political economy, society, culture, and political thought. Formerly published as the Public Interest magazine, National Affairs online also offers online access to the entire archives of Public Interest.

Founded in 1945 by the American Jewish Committee, this magazine garnished a strong reputation for its role in the Neo-conservatism of the 1970s. The magazine and its online counterpart offer content related to the fate of democracy, American and Western security and issues related to Judaism and Jewish culture.

The Weekly Standard
This magazine describes itself as offering content from the “best conservative writers in the country.” The online site features articles largely related to politics and government as well as foreign policy and national security. Subscription is required for full access but most content should be accessible to non-subscribers.

National Review
This website provides conservative commentary on a range of issues including national politics, current events and culture pieces. The National Review also provides an extensive amount of election coverage.