The Internship Center has developed a new on-campus internship!  While there are  various options that exist for student internships, this one is targeted specifically for humanities students.

This internship is focused on research and writing projects related to compliance.  Any student who is interested in law, government, public-policy, and/or  non-profit administration might find this interesting.  In addition to researching existing requirements and best practices, the intern will  draft communication plans and design employee education models for the school.

If you would like an internship this spring that can aid in showcasing your critical thinking and writing skills, get in touch with the Internship Center!

The Internship Center can also aid you in finding internships almost anywhere you wish. They also recommend that you complete at least a few before you graduate, as many prospective employers look at experiential learning with just as much weight, if not more, as GPA or in-school activities. To learn more about the Internship Center, check out their website at ! Stay tuned for more internship news.