This Friday is Accepted Student Preview Day for the School of Humanities. Students accepted for the 2013-2014 year will be arriving on campus to learn more about possible majors in the humanities. The Department of Politics will have a display table for students and their families to see what politics majors get to do while at Messiah. We love highlighting student research and travel experiences, and since many of our majors choose to study abroad, we like to share about the places where they have studied. Let’s take a look at some of the programs our majors can choose from. . .


China Studies Program

The object of the China Studies Program is to help students to gain an appreciation for Chinese people and culture, to understand current political, economic, theological, social, and religious circumstances, and to develop a Christ-centered world view of China.


indiaIndia Studies Program

“India Studies Program will help students with the basic process of learning from people of another culture by involving them in experiential learning opportunities of service and social interaction with Indian people. Students will be educated on the global dimensions of India as it grows as a world power as well as give students a vision for future involvement in India.”



American Studies Program

For a semester, experience the realities of a lifestyle in public affairs.  An internship will provide you with valuable knowledge and skills in an area of interest to you.  Dialogue with leaders in these areas will give you the opportunity to critically assess prominent domestic and international issues.  Students live in apartments eight blocks from the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court.  Organized activities and outings help students relax, serve their community, and explore the city.


OregonThe Oregon Extension 

Providing a retreat from the rush, technologically-driven interruptions, and media distractions of our 21st century, the Oregon Extension encourages students to gain academic confidence and voice as they develop skills in critical reading, note taking, academic and creative writing and participate in daily group discussions and three research project tutorials with a faculty advisor. Community living invites awareness of the difficulty and the desirability of relationships with other students and faculty.



Oxford Study Abroad Program

The Oxford Study Abroad Programme (OSAP) places students of academic distinction at affiliated colleges of Oxford University. Founded about AD 1090, Oxford is the oldest English-speaking university in the world and is considered to be one of the two or three best institutions of higher education in the world.


Oxford1Scholar’s Semester in Oxford

The Scholars’ Semester programme is designed to accommodate your individual academic interests and requirements. Study within one of the disciplinary concentrations (classics, English and literature, History, history of art, musicology, philosophy, psychology, theology and religious studies, and history), or build a programme around a thematic concentration such as religion and literature, gender studies, or colonialism and postcolonialism . However you want to build your individual programme in Oxford, expert tutors, like-minded students, and 107 libraries will help you to achieve your goals.
Remember these are only a few of the options for Messiah students! For more information, see the link for Education Abroad/Study Abroad at the new Intercultural Office. Students can visit the office and pick up brochures in the top floor of the Larsen Student Union.